'Juneuary' is about to end. Are you ready for summer?

Five places to swim for free in Whatcom County

With summer approaching, here are five of the best places to go for a swim in Whatcom County.
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With summer approaching, here are five of the best places to go for a swim in Whatcom County.

It's time to turn off the heat and switch on the AC because "Juneuary" is coming to an end, meteorologists say.

Forecasts from the National Weather Service in Seattle predict sunny skies starting Friday with gradually warming temperatures as daytime highs approach 80 degrees Sunday and into next week.

"We're near the summer solstice and with that many hours of sunlight directly overhead, it definitely will be warm," said hydrologist Brent Bower.

"This should be the end of the cooler period we've had this week," he said. "We're still expecting things to start warming up."

Bower said a low-pressure system might keep things cooler Friday and Saturday, but approaching high pressure — coupled with 16 hours of daylight and the summer sun's stronger rays — will push temperatures into the 80s next week.

"We're still on track to get warm, if not very hot," Bower said.

He said Wednesday will be the warmest day, with temperatures cooling to near normal after that.

0614 forecast.JPG
The National Weather Service forecast for Bellingham shows a sunny weekend and sharply warmer temperatures for the next several days. National Weather Service Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald

"It depends on how strong the marine air pushes back in," he said.

Weekend weather will be quite a change from the temperatures of early June, which have been about 2 degrees below normal.

Early June's cooler weather was itself a change from May, which was the third-warmest on record in Bellingham.

May 2018's high temperatures averaged 67 degrees against a normal May high of 62.3, according to NOAA records.

june temps.JPG
A National Weather Service chart shows high and low temperatures for June at Bellingham International Airport. High temperatures below the green field are below normal. National Weather Service Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald

This month's rainfall remains below normal at .53 inch through June 13, with a normal monthly rainfall of 1.86 inches.

May's rainfall was a paltry .17 inch, the lowest since records have been kept in 1949 at Bellingham International Airport.

Normal May rainfall is 2.48 inches.

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Meteorologists weren't too concerned about water levels, because the 2017-2018 winter snowpack was well above normal in Western Washington.

But state and federal fire officials are predicting that the wildfire season could be devastating throughout the Northwest.

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