Bellingham, Ferndale Police assure nervous public that school shooting threat likely a hoax

Bellingham Police station.
Bellingham Police station. The Bellingham Herald

Bellingham Police and school officials are assuring the public that a social media post by “Ray Andres,” who threatened a school shooting at SHS, wasn’t about a local school and was likely a hoax.

Bellingham School District has been hearing from nervous students, parents and staff about the post, Superintendent Greg Baker said.

The post reads that “Yes SHS is the school I want” and “I will not begin telling people what my name is, but I will bring a gun to school Tomorrow, so be prepared to hear shoots (sic).”

“We encourage staff and families to reassure students that this post is a hoax, and that their safety is our top priority,” Baker said, adding that Bellingham Police investigated and determined there was no credible threat. “We understand that this post comes at a particularly sensitive time for students in the wake of the shooting last week in Parkland, Florida.”

The post, which has been widely reported, has caused widespread concern. It likely originated in another state, possibly Ohio, the BPD said.

“There is no indication the post was specifically referring to schools in Bellingham,” BPD said on its Facebook page, “and several news articles indicate the post referenced a school in Ohio.”

Schools across the country are increasing security or closing as they deal with threats to safety in the wake of the Parkland, Florida attack.