Love the rain or hate it? Here’s what you told us about it

After a seemingly endless stretch of rainy days, Whatcom County residents will see the sun this weekend.

And then, maybe some snow – like what happened briefly Friday morning in Maple Falls.

“Saturday looks like a fairly nice day with some sun,” said Art Gaebel, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle. “Saturday’s your day.”

Current forecast calls for clear skies Saturday with a high in the mid-40s, he said.

Saturday night looks party cloudy with a chance of rain or snow showers.

Clouds and showers return Sunday, with forecasts for Monday and the rest of next week showing a mix of sun and clouds, with a chance of rain each day and highs in the mid-40s.

But Saturday’s sun was paid forward with more than three weeks of cloudy skies and 22 straight days of measurable rain – good for a tie with the second-longest rainy spell on record.

Jan. 16 was the last day without measurable rain at Bellingham International Airport. Only a trace was recorded Thursday at the airport, not enough to count as “rain.”

A 33-day soggy stretch ending Dec. 13, 1998, still holds the record, National Weather Service records show.

“I don’t know how one can live in the PNW and not appreciate the rain,” said Christine Reijm O’Keefe of Bellingham, replying to a Facebook inquiry. “It’s what makes this area so green and lush all year long.”

Other area residents share her sentiment.

“I have this thing called a rain coat,” Su O’Neill said dryly.

I’ve actually just stopped wearing my raincoat because it’s absolutely futile.

Tori Highley, Bellingham

Sandy Riley said she loves the sound of rain as she sleeps, and area residents said rain complainers are all washed up.

“You should not be complaining about rain between October and May at any point as a Washingtonian,” said Jeremy Weaver of Bellingham.

But don’t tell that to Bobbi Corder, a lifelong Whatcom County resident who just moved to Everett.

“Hate it. It’s depressing!” Corder said.

But Bellingham also is home to Midwest transplants who’d gladly trade the Heartland’s snow for the Northwest’s “liquid sunshine.”

“I moved here in January from Cleveland, Ohio,” said Trina Kopudelka. “I miss my family dearly, but I do not miss the freezing cold. Winter in Ohio is gloomy, dreary and sooooo cold. This place is beautiful.”

Same for Samantha Renee of Bellingham.

“This is my first winter here. I grew up in Michigan, and I moved here from Kansas,” Renee said. “I love this weather. I will take the rain with the mild temperatures over frigid cold and snow any day.”

But it’s been raining so much lately that Western Washington University student Tori Highley threw in the towel.

“I’ve actually just stopped wearing my raincoat because it’s absolutely futile,” Highley said.

Robert Mittendorf: 360-756-2805, @BhamMitty