Lynden trucker dies in accident near Yakima


Yakima County Sheriff’s deputies are trying to figure out what led to a deadly Monday afternoon crash north of Sunnyside.

Tyler Hardy, 26, of Lynden was driving a semitrailer around 2:15 p.m. in the 600 block of Sli Road when he drifted off the road, causing the truck to roll, crushing the cab and killing him, said sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Russell.

“The (investigating) deputy is looking into the possibility that he was drowsy, but he hasn’t been able to isolate the cause of the collision,” Russell said.

A witness said there was no sudden swerve, instead the man “ever so gently drifted off the road,” Russell said. Investigators said there were no mechanical issues and the driver may not have known he was drifting, Russell said.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash.