Bellingham woman dies after crash, six days in coma in Surrey, B.C.


A Bellingham mother died Monday from injuries she suffered following a car crash a week earlier in Surrey, B.C.

Mariam Ghaly, 42, spent six days in a coma after her SUV was forced from the road into a water-filled ditch by a motorcycle, according to CBC News.

On Oct. 1, Ghaly was driving her Honda CRV south on King George Boulevard near 48 Avenue when she was cut off by a motorcyclist weaving through traffic. Ghaly swerved in an attempt to miss hitting the motorcycle, but she lost control, sending her vehicle into a nearby ditch.

Ghaly’s husband Wagih, and their two children, Marina, 15 and Kyrollos, 13, were also in the vehicle. All four were trapped under water when the vehicle rolled into the ditch.

Several passersby were able to pull the two children out of the vehicle before emergency personnel arrived. Ghaly’s husband and two children suffered minor injuries.

The motorcyclist was arrested but police have yet to file charges.

Ghaly and her family attended the St. George Coptic Orthodox Church in Surrey – the church has set up an online fundraiser to help support the family.

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