Hot diggity dancing dog! Where’s Bellingham’s best place to celebrate National Hot Dog Day?

Bellingham offers a number of tasty options to celebrate National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday.
Bellingham offers a number of tasty options to celebrate National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday. TNS

Happy National Hot Dog Day to you, Whatcom County! A day you you can appreciate, even if you don’t know how to add a filter of a dancing hot dog to your picture or video in Snapchat.

Truth be told, most people probably don’t go out to eat a hot dog, but Humphrey Bogart once said, “A hot dog at the ballpark is better than a steak at the Ritz.”

In honor all the hot dogs without headphones out there, here are some top spots in Bellingham to pick up your dog and celebrate today:

▪ Neiner Neiner Weiner (1259 Barkley Boulevard): A menu full of some different, delicious varieties of hot dogs to celebrate and enough outdoor seating to enjoy the warm temperatures.

▪ Five Guys (1301 W. Bakerview Road): It’s easy to overlook the dogs at this hamburger joint, but Five Guys can dress up a dog any way you want it.

▪ El Capitan’s Gourmet Sausages and Pretzels (1314 Railroad Ave.): Better known for its varieties of sausages, El Capitan’s does offer a “tasty, all-beef sausage” it touts as “Bellingham’s Best!”

▪ The Grill (1155 E. Sunset Drive): Offers six different varieties of dogs, everything from a Chicago Dog to a Corn Dog. And we all know grilled is the way to go.

▪ Boomers Drive-In (310 N. Samish Way): Also known for its burgers, waffle fries and shakes, Boomers has a Stadium Dog and a Corn Dog.

▪ Zane Burger (1315 12th St.): A relative newcomer in Bellingham, Zane Burger offers three varieties of hot dogs: the Smokey Dog, Polish Dog and Coney Dog.

▪ Gandolfo’s New York Deli (107 E. Stuart Road): There may be a debate over whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not (see below), but there’s little debate that New Yorkers know how to dress up a dog.

▪ DQ Grill & Chill (811 Iowa St. and 4170 Cordata Parkway): You’d have to go to the Kid’s Menu to get a plain hot dog, but adults can order a Chilli Cheese Dog. Biggest problem is not eating your desert first.

▪ A&W (1120 Barkley Boulevard): Doesn’t a hot dog and a root beer float sound really good about now?