This South Whatcom firefighter made a special version of Old Glory

This Independence Day, a South Whatcom Fire Authority firefighter is extra proud of one American flag in particular.

SWFA’s Lt. Nick Ackerman made the flag out of decommissioned fire hose, from what firefighters call an “attack line” or “blitz line,” the standard hose used to fight house fires.

South Whatcom uses red, yellow and blue hoses on its engines – but the yellow hose had faded to white after years of service.

Ackerman combined it with a red hose to form the stripes that signify America’s original 13 colonies. He mounted the hose on a plywood base and used a template to paint 50 stars on the field of blue hose.

flag (2)
Lt. Nick Ackerman, left, and other South Whatcom firefighters hang the flag that Ackerman made from decommissioned fire hose. Robert Mittendorf rmittendorf@bhamherald.com

His interpretation of Old Glory hangs in the apparatus bay of South Whatcom Fire’s Station 21 in the Geneva area.

The Bellingham Herald reporter Robert Mittendorf is a volunteer firefighter for South Whatcom Fire Authority.

Robert Mittendorf: 360-756-2805, @BhamMitty