A bit of lowland snow possible for Friday, forecasters say

An overnight chill left a layer of frost on cars parked outside.
An overnight chill left a layer of frost on cars parked outside. rmittendorf@bhamherald.com

That cold air Tuesday morning could mean snow later this week, but so far it’s unlikely that Whatcom County will see any significant accumulation, forecasters said.

As a low-pressure system over western Canada moves east, winds will change and high pressure will build over British Columbia – sending its familiar cold, dry air into Northwest Washington for the next several days.

Those who park their cars outside had to scrape a layer of frost Tuesday as the temperature was 32 degrees at Bellingham International Airport and much colder inland.

High temperatures will be in the low 40s for the rest of this week, with overnight lows in the upper 20s. Expect clear skies through Thursday and the possibility of light rain or snow Friday morning.

Rain appears likely for the weekend, with snow in the North Cascades.

“It’ll be breezy today (Tuesday), with winds 15 to 25 mph,” said Johnny Burg, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle. “Those breezy winds will continue into tomorrow” and could approach 30 mph.

Clouds will arrive Friday morning, dropping some light rain or snow until temperatures rise, Burg said. He said it’s too soon to predict lowland snow with certainty.

“It’s only a chance of rain and snow, maybe those hills to the south at 1,000 feet, dropping to 200 feet by afternoon,” he said. “I’d say it’s 20 to 50 percent. If anything, it’ll be pretty minor.”

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