In their own words and images: Why they’re marching in Bellingham

Comments about the #WomensMarchBellingham fill Twitter streams.
Comments about the #WomensMarchBellingham fill Twitter streams. The Bellingham Herald

Here’s what the Women’s March on Bellingham looked like on social media Saturday.

Amari Magdalena posted on Facebook: “Beautiful Bellingham morning. Had breakfast with women marchers (Amazing Women of Bellingham group) this morning and shared one of the treasured W.O.M.E.N. Unlimited pencils with leader Ginny. My own marching days are over though wanted to support local women. Had an interesting talk with a young woman at Woods Coffee yesterday about my generation's need to pass on the baton of protests for equal rights for all. I was pleased with that conversation and another this morning about the need for all of us to be better listeners so that we can bridge or differences. That bridge is the pathway to finding greater peace and fulfillment for everyone.”

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