Mount Vernon police seize 3 pit bulls that attacked a Sedro-Woolley boy

Mount Vernon police are holding three pit bulls in quarantine after they attacked a Sedro-Woolley first grader last week.

The 7-year-old boy has been hospitalized since the Jan. 12 attack at his babysitter’s Mount Vernon home. The attack was not reported until the next day, when Mount Vernon Police and Child Protective Services staff went to the home.

Police said the woman, 32, was the owner of the three dogs but the animals were not at the Harrison Street residence when officers arrived.

Police said late Wednesday afternoon they located the three dogs at a home in the 200 block of N. Central Avenue in Sedro-Woolley. An animal control officer is reviewing the case for possible “dangerous dog” declarations, according to a city press release.

According to city code, any dangerous dog that attacks a person “may be humanely destroyed or otherwise disposed of,” though the owner has a right to appeal.

Detectives also are reviewing the case for additional criminal charges.

“It was just really shocking,” said Carlos Chavez, who is the boy’s father, in an interview with KOMO-TV. “You hear about these things, but actually being part of it is another thing.”

The boy has more than 70 stitches on his face, staples in his head and wounds on his body. He is receiving care at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Chavez told KOMO-TV his family is fond of pit bulls, but he wants to make sure the dogs don’t hurt anyone else.