Water damage forces closure of Revenue’s Bellingham office

The Washington State Department of Revenue is temporarily unable to assist businesses at its location on Humboldt Street in Bellingham – the office sustained severe water damage last weekend and is closed to the public.

Officials did not say how long the office will be closed.

With the office temporarily closed and the next tax deadline coming on Tuesday, here’s how businesses can receive assistance:

▪ File taxes using the secure, free e-file, https://fortress.wa.gov/dor/efile/FortressLogon/Logon.aspx

▪ Call a tax specialist at 800-647-7706

▪ Visit another Revenue office, dor.wa.gov/content/ContactUs/localoffices/default.aspx

▪ Mail tax returns and payments to:

Washington State Department of Revenue

P.O. Box 47478

Olympia, WA 98504-7478

The Bellingham office normally offers in-person assistance at its front counter, from accepting applications and renewals for required state and local licenses, to collecting tax payments and assisting with audit questions.

The state Department of Labor and Industries has offices in Bellingham and Mount Vernon that can offer some limited business licensing assistance during Revenue’s closure.

Information about the closure and tax and licensing resources for businesses offered by Revenue is posted on its website: dor.wa.gov/content/ContactUs/localoffices/con_loc_bel_closed.aspx.