WWU offers tuition waivers for qualifying military veteran students


Western Washington University is allowing military veterans who have exhausted their GI Bill benefits to waive their tuition as of fall semester 2016.

Those who qualify are veterans pursuing bachelor’s degrees who have completed at least 24 credits at Western while using their GI benefits.

Ann Beck, the assistant director for Western Washington University’s Veteran Services, said Western is the only public university in Washington state that is offering a complete tuition waiver to veteran students in the qualifying situation.

“Other public universities in Washington offer a 50-percent waiver of tuition and fees when veteran students run out their GI Bill benefits,” Beck said in a news release.

The tuition waiver is geared toward helping veteran students whose educational programs run longer than the standard four years covered by the GI Bill, transfer students whose classes did not transfer over or count toward their degrees or any remedial courses that may cause the students to be in school for a prolonged period of time.

Beck added that the program was beneficial for veteran students pursuing STEM degrees, which sometimes require more classes.

For information, contact Beck at 360-650-4324 or Ann.Beck@wwu.edu or go to wwu.edu/veteranservices/.