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Community Food Co-op giving away its former community building

The Community Food Co-op is offering its building for anyone willing to take it as the grocer creates more space for parking at its downtown location. Details from the Co-op are below:

The Community Food Co-op is offering the 1,100 sq. ft. building it owns at 1200 N. Forest to anyone willing to pay the cost of moving it to a new site. The building, designed by the late James Zervas in 1967, was built originally as a Western Optical retail outlet for eye glasses and frames. It is an example of the Modernist style and reflects the influences of Frank Lloyd Wright on Mr. Zervas early work.

Since 1997 the Co-op has been using the structure for community classes and making it available to Co-op members for community meetings. Those services will move to the newly remodeled building at 405 E Holly which the Co-op purchased in 2013.

See the Co-op’s website for building photos and more information.