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Fox purchases small Bellingham television station; will it impact Seahawks coverage?

Some interesting events are taking place in local television that could impact how residents watch Fox programing, including the Seattle Seahawks.

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article today about Fox buying KBCB-TV, which is based in Bellingham. Here’s a link to the story.

According to the article, 21st Century Fox paid $10 million for the small station, which airs shopping programing on Channel 14 on Comcast. It is at 4164 Meridian St., Suite 102. The reason it is interesting is because Fox is currently trying to acquire Seattle’s KCPQ-TV (Channel 13), which is owned by the Tribune Corp. and airs Fox programing.

Fox has already informed Tribune that it plans to terminate the affiliation agreement with KCPQ-TV in January. Fox could be using the newly acquired Bellingham station as leverage, showing that it could move its programing, which includes Seahawk games, to KBCB if a deal isn’t made for KCPQ.

The Wall Street Journal article noted that Fox would face some challenges if they moved the programing to the Bellingham station, including boosting its signal to improve its reach.

Is the Bellingham station purchase for leverage, or is Fox intending to move its affiliation? Perhaps we’ll find out in the coming months.