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Washington growers get first chance to grow new apple variety

Here’s a news release from Washington State University about the new Cosmic Crisp variety and which farmers will get some trees. Cosmic Crisp is a cross between Enterprise and Honeycrisp apples. It appears all the farms on the list are in Eastern Washington.

PULLMAN, Wash. - Twenty-four Washington growers will be the first to grow the new apple from Washington State University’s breeding program - the Cosmic Crisp brand WA 38 variety.

The growers were selected in a drawing held by WSU in an effort to facilitate fair distribution of a limited number of trees in the first year of release. Applicants were selected using a random number generator.

More than 445 applications were received for the June 6 drawing. Selected growers won a chance to purchase the first trees to be available in spring 2017.

The allotments were separated into two tiers. Tier 1 consists of 12 lots of 3,000-5,000 trees each and Tier 2 has approximately 12 lots of up to 20,000 trees each.

Drawing results were not released until the selected growers signed agreements with WSU to grow the highly anticipated apple, which is a cross between Enterprise and Honeycrisp.

Additional Washington growers will have the opportunity to grow the variety as quantities of certified WA 38 planting stock increase. WSU is working with a number of Northwest Nursery Improvement Institute-affiliated nurseries and other producers to increase stock.

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Cosmic Crisp brand WA 38 variety drawing results

Tier 1 drawing winners:

Leah Eddie

Harris Farms

Jeff Freepons

Mark Hanrahan

Konnowac Orchards, LLC

Conor Kilian

Dalbir Bains

Brook Besor

Melissa Mathis

Cowan Orchards, Inc.

Cox Canyon Vineyards

Ross Montierth

Tier 2 drawing winners:

Double S Orchards, LLC

Weippert Orchard Terrace Heights, LLC

Weippert Orchard Maple Leaf, LLC

Kludt-Waldron Orchards, Inc.

Weasel Ranch, LLC

Mustang Ranch, LLC

F. Lorraine Mathison Grantor Trust

Bob Mathison

Stephen van Someren Greve

HLH Properties, LLC

Stemilt World Famous Compost, LLC

Lyall Family Farms