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Fred Meyer Lakeway gas station expansion may be a year away

BELLINGHAM — Fred Meyer is moving forward with plans to expand its Lakeway Drive gas station, but it will probably be a while before customers see it happen.

As reported last week, Fred Meyer submitted plans to demolish the building currently home to Discount Tire and put in six additional fueling islands, increasing the total to 10. Discount Tire would move into the former Hollywood Video space on the north side of the Fred Meyer store, according to the application.

However, Fred Meyer is not planning to start construction until the summer or fall of 2015, said spokeswoman Melinda Merrill. She did add that the start date hasn’t been finalized, but one component to the decision depends on how long the permitting process takes.

Once construction begins, Merrill said she expects it would take about 10 weeks to complete and doesn’t think the gas station would be closed during construction.

One other change they’ve made to the original plans is that they plan to have all the customers going in an east to west direction as they do now. Merrill said. In the original plans Fred Meyer proposed to have two-way traffic flow for the new pumps and a one-way traffic flow for the four current fuel islands.