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Phone scammers targeting businesses

A warning from the Washington Department of Revenue about a business phone scam:

OLYMPIA – July 1, 2014 – Double-check that number before you call back. That’s the warning from the Washington State Department of Revenue about voice messages being left from someone claiming to be a Revenue employee.

Scammers are leaving messages and directing people to return the call on a toll-free number. Once a person reaches the automated system, they are told to enter a code or hang up and dial an international number. When they do, the caller is hit with phone charges.

Revenue uses an automated dialing system to contact business owners who have past due tax returns. The correct phone number is 800-631-4028. However, Revenue never asks taxpayers to dial an international number or charges fees for calling.

The number that scammers are using is similar to this toll-free number Revenue provides.

If taxpayers receive a message from someone with Revenue, they should check Revenue’s website to confirm they have the correct number:

Also consider contacting Revenue and making a report with Attorney General’s Office and Federal Trade Commission consumer protection teams.