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Four businesses move into one Bellingham spot

To better serve their customers, four local businesses are moving into one large space.

Joy of Pilates, BaerPaw Bodyworks, Body Amore and Sprouting Earth Design are moving into a space in the Sunnyland neighborhood, at 2130 Grant St.

The four business owners said in a news release that they are looking forward to growing their businesses together. Joy of Pilates offers classes in Pilates, BaerPaw offers orthopedic/treatment massage and other physical therapy and Sprouting Earth offers handmade wellness items and art supplies. Lara Pellegrini owns Body Amore and is a personal trainer and life coach who focuses on training women to meet their health and fitness goals.

"I am excited to be joining in business with other like-minded women. Our focus is on Wellness for the whole person and the services we each provide compliment one another really well," said Pellegrini.

The other owners are Ella Barney of Joy of Pilates, Kate Tomlin of BaerPaw Bodyworks and Lindsay Enegren of Sprouting Earth Design.

The businesses and classes are expected to ready on Grant Street by the end of March.