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Economist: Canadian dollar could fall to 85 cents by summer

Photos of Canadian currency, taken Jan. 17, 2013.
Photos of Canadian currency, taken Jan. 17, 2013. THE BELLINGHAM HERALD

Here's a (link) to a CBC story about a chief economist predicting the Canadian dollar will drop to 85 cents by midyear.

Currently the loonie is floating around the 89 cent range, low enough for Canadians to consider whether it is worth it to cross the border to shop for some products. It's a little hard to gauge at this point whether Canadian traffic is slowing down in Whatcom County. Retail sales numbers for January won't be out until later this year and January tends to be the slowest month of the year. 

Are you starting to see a significant slowdown in Canadian shoppers that's beyond the typical January of recent years? Shoot me an email ( or comment below. Thanks!