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Update on Barkley Scotty Browns

Just got off the phone with a representative for Scotty Browns, who provided more details on the remodel:

The Scotty Browns restaurant in Bellingham's Barkley district is expected to be closed well into February while it undergoes a major renovation.

The restaurant closed on Saturday, Jan. 18. The restaurant is expected to be closed for 4-6 weeks as workers completely redo the kitchen, restrooms, bar and the seats, said Jason Cooper, a representative of the Scotty Browns Restaurant Group.

“What started out as a smaller renovation turned into something much bigger,” Cooper said. “This is more of a detail renovation where we do a lot of little things, but the layout will remain the same.”

Plans include replacing the vinyl coverings on the seats with high quality leather and adding stainless steel equipment to the kitchen.

Customers are being asked to check the restaurant's Facebook page to get updates on an exact opening date. Cooper estimates that in the next 10 days they will have a better idea on an exact opening date.

Scotty Browns opened its 5,400-square-foot Barkley restaurant at the beginning of 2009. Cooper said the restaurant has done very well, especially after the Barkley 16-screen movie theater opened. He noted that the completion of a major residential project across the street could mean even more customers.

The restaurant is part of the Browns Social House chain, which has restaurants in the Vancouver, B.C., metro area and at the Bellingham International Airport. The company is also planning to open a new restaurant in Bellevue on Tuesday, Feb. 4.