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Bellingham ranks 3,280th when it comes to low gas prices

Local residents know gas prices in Bellingham tend to be higher than other places, but a new study shows not many communities were higher in 2013. released a study ranking more than 4,000 U.S. and Canadian cities to figure out which community had the lowest prices throughout 2013. Out of the 3,830 U.S. cities, Bellingham ranked 3,280, averaging $3.75 a gallon for the year.

Several communities in South Carolina had the lowest gas in the nation, with Duncan, S.C., topping the list with an average price of $3.15.

Needles, Calif., had the highest average price among U.S. cities, at $4.74 a gallon.

While among the highest in 2013, Bellingham's average price was down 22 cents compared to 2012.

Bellingham's average price ranged from $3.31 to $4.15 in 2013.

Canada's prices were significantly higher than most U.S. communities. The news release from noted that a person could travel through 3,607 U.S. communities and find a lower price than Vegreville, Alberta, which had the least expensive Canadian average at $3.87 a gallon. Surrey, B.C., was among the most expensive in Canada, averaging $4.89 a gallon.

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