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A few Bellingham biz tidbits

Here's a few items I noticed in the latest Bellingham building permits:

Accepted, but not yet issued:

-- Several previously reported on applications are going through the cycle again, which usually means some sort of change was made to the previous application, including the new Taco Bell in the Sunset Square parking lot area, the 106-unit Hilton Hotel near Northwest Avenue and the mixed-use building on 119 W. Chestnut St. (formerly home to Towner Press)

Issued permits:

-- Fred Meyer has been approved to remodel its Bakerview store. The remodel will included a new enclosed coffee shop area inside the store.

-- The owner of La Patisserie restaurant was approved to remodel a space in Sunnyland Square and put in a restaurant called La La Eatery. Owner Joyce Chen is hoping to get that opened later this year.