Motel 6 takes over former Ferndale Scottish Lodge

A revamped motel is providing an economic boost that could lead to further development in what has been an underused area.

Motel 6 recently took over the former Scottish Lodge at 5671 Riverside Drive, near Interstate 5. The company has 50 rooms renovated and available, and will work on getting the other 50 rooms renovated and ready by next year, said Ravi Sharma, regional director of operations at AIC Hospitality Management in Seattle. The company handles three hotels in Washington as well as few others on the West Coast.

Sharma said opening a Motel 6 at the location was a great opportunity because it’s right off the freeway, making it convenient to both U.S. and Canadian travelers.

The Scottish Lodge had a less-than-stellar reputation in recent years, something Sharma acknowledges and wants to fix. The first order of business was to get the rooms cleaned up and provide plenty of upgrades, including new mattresses, furniture and color schemes. The room design is the latest Motel 6 version, and the motel will offer Internet access, coffee, and kids-stay-free programs. Room rates typically run $59 for single rooms a night and $89 a night for family rooms.

“We’re excited about coming to Ferndale and bringing tax revenue into the community,” Sharma said.

The Washington Department of Health shut down the Scottish Lodge in June 2008 for a variety of unsafe and hazardous conditions. Violations included improperly installed electrical equipment and unsanitary conditions. It reopened months later and operated until shutting down for good several months ago.

Ferndale Mayor Gary Jensen said he likes what Motel 6 has done to the property so far. It’s the second hotel in the city limits (the other is Super 8), and reopening the motel helps the city’s hotel tax fund, which is used for a variety of events to promote Ferndale.

It’s also potentially the first step in redeveloping that part of town, Jensen said, and having Motel 6 could attract retail businesses and restaurants to the area.

“I give Motel 6 credit for being the first out there,” he said.

The Ferndale Motel 6 is currently working on getting onto the Motel 6 website. Until that’s updated, the best way to get more information or make reservations is to call 360-384-4040.