Market Report: Tourism traffic is slowing down in Whatcom County

Tourism traffic is slowing down in Whatcom County, particularly in the number of people flying out of Bellingham International Airport.

In September, only 37,901 travelers flew out of Bellingham, the lowest monthly total since February 2011.

The airport has seen a decrease in the number of flights out of Bellingham, particularly from Allegiant Air, which discontinued flights from Bellingham to Hawaii in April. Much of the Bellingham airport traffic comes from lower British Columbia.

Other numbers:

Southbound border traffic has tracked closely with 2013; through August the number of people traveling south into Whatcom County has totaled slightly more than 10.9 million; that's down 1.1 percent compared to 2013. Last year's total of 16.2 million was the highest annual total since 1997.
The Canadian dollar could be a factor in the tourism slowdown: It has remained weaker compared to last year and is currently around 88 cents compared to the U.S. dollar.

Here are the trends: