Bellingham Police seek help finding suspect in rash of burglaries

Police are asking for help finding the man involved in a rash of similar morning burglaries in Bellingham over the last five days.

Between 8 a.m. and noon each day this week, several burglaries happened in the Samish, Edgemoor and Roosevelt neighborhoods. In each case a burglar used a pry bar to force open a door, according to police.

In one case, a woman told officers she answered a knock at her door and spoke with a man who asked for a certain person. He left after the resident said that person didn’t live there. A nearby house was broken into a short time later.

In another case, a resident heard the doorbell ring, but it took that person a while to get to the door. Someone started to pry at the door but ran when the resident made noise inside the home.

Police say they are looking for a white man of medium build, around 25 years old, who is clean shaven and about 5-foot-10 as possibly involved in the burglaries.

In all cases a green or teal SUV, such as a Ford Explorer or Chevrolet Suburban, was seen near the scene of the burglary.

The Bellingham Police Department is aware of similar cases happening outside of city limits.

People who believe they are watching a similar situation unfold should call 911. If it is safe, police ask that witnesses try to take down a license plate number from the SUV or similar vehicle to give to officers.

Police ask that anyone who thinks they know who may be responsible for the burglaries call their tip line at 360-778-8611.