Many WTA bus stops go unused, others are bustling (Traffic Talk blog)

Some bus stops sit beside the road day in and day out, and they never get a friend to keep them company.

Others are bustling hubs of activity.

I just studied some recently released Whatcom Transportation Authority ridership data. The data, which comes from a survey, looks at the average weekday bus stop usage.

I counted 110 stops where not a single person boarded or got off a bus (at least when the surveyors were there). Not counting the downtown and Cordata stations, Western Washington University-related stops were the most heavily used.

For example, on the average weekday, 2,311 people get on or off buses at the WWU Viking Union stop, according to the data. That's nearly as many people as the population of Everson.

Click here to see more, including data for every bus stop.