Meet your Mount Baker neighbor: 2006

Home: 3000 block Spyglass Drive

Year built: 1997

Owners: Rick and Donna Dutton

Why house is special: After living in a compartmentalized Craftsman house for years, the Duttons wanted their new home to embrace the “great room” concept. Donna loves to cook and the Duttons love to entertain, so having their kitchen, living and dining areas in one large room works perfectly for them. “I wanted a light-filled-room concept that I could entertain in,” Donna said.

The western wall of their 23-foothigh great room is nearly all glass.

“It surprised me how high the windows were,” Donna said. “The sunshine and the view are absolutely wonderful.”

The Duttons have nearly a 180- degree view of the coastal mountains in British Columbia, the Olympic Mountains, the San Juan Islands and Bellingham Bay.

The house has a modern layout, but the Duttons wanted their home to look like it belongs in the Northwest. It features some of the exterior details of Craftsman homes, such as wide overhangs, and has a terraced front yard with bountiful foliage.

“We want it to look kind of like an urban cabin,” Donna said.

Owner’s comment: “We wanted it to be Northwestern instead of a standard house,” Rick said.

Another voice: “It does stand out because it’s not a cookie-cutter-type look,” said Steve Reynolds of Pearson Construction, who built the house. “It’s like a Craftsman without the froufrou.”

Neighborhood setting: The house sits high on Barkley Hill.