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Bellingham resident John Connell recalls a too-close encounter with a moth

"Moth Mouth"

I’ll never forget the evening when I experienced Moth Mouth for the first (and, I hope, the last) time in my life. What is that? Well, here’s what happened.

One night I was in the kitchen preparing something to eat. I needed an item in the pantry, so I opened the door, leaned in and reached for it — when suddenly a big moth flew from behind the edge of the door directly at my face!

As you know, when you are surprised by something flying at your face, a typical spontaneous reaction is a gasp. You open your mouth and inhale, and that’s what I did. I’m sure you’ve already guessed what that moth did — it flew right into my mouth!!!

I understand that in Africa some people eat various kinds of insects, but I don’t recommend it. Yechhh, that moth didn’t taste good at all on my tongue, and I spat my unwelcome intruder into the sink drain as quickly as possible.

However for many weeks after this revolting experience, I continued to suffer from the aftereffects of Moth Mouth, namely lingering feelings of revulsion.

I was about to report this to the major medical journals, so that research scientists could figure out a treatment to relieve what I had come to call “Post Traumothic Stress Disorder,” but I finally I made a spontaneous recovery. What a relief!

We all encounter many sets of circumstances when it’s best to keep your mouth shut, but I never anticipated this one!

John Connell,