Seniors & Aging

Judy Borman Harding’s poem celebrates a band entertaining at a senior center.

Oh yes, these folks are older now;

Some wobble when they walk ...

But oh, that little band of seniors

Can make those harmonicas talk!

From dulcet tones to notes afire,

They send those tunes a soaring;

From railroad rambles to hymns of faith,

Their songs are never boring!

Piano thumping, accordion pumping,

They set our fingers snapping.

With trebling, blowing, warbling, puffing,

They keep our fingers tapping.

Oh, yes, these folks are older now,

They’ve been around the block.

But, oh, that little band of folks,

Can make that center rock!

Judy Borman Harding,


Written in 1994, when her parents, Jim and Shirley Robertson, played in the Bellingham Senior Activity Center’s harmonica band.