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Safety steps for your home

For doors that are easier to open, replace knobs with levers.
For doors that are easier to open, replace knobs with levers. DANNY GAWLOWSKI

1. Install energy-efficient and brighter lights in your home.

The less often you have to change a light, the better.

Cost: $5 to $7 for spiral energy bulbs that last nine years or more.

2. Install night lights in bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms.

Makes walking at night easier.

Cost: $2 to $8.

3. Put a spray hand showerhead in the bathtub or shower.

These can be adjusted for use standing up or sitting down.

Cost: $20 to $50.

4. Secure loose carpets or rugs.

Use double-sided carpet tape on inside and outside rugs.

Cost: $5 for 15 feet of interior; $9 for 75 feet of exterior.

5. Add non-slip tread.

Put on interior and exterior stairs.

Cost: $11 to $20 for 15 feet of tape.

6. Make a bathtub or slippery floor less dangerous by adding non-slip tread.

These come in white strips or patterns, such as flowers and rubber duckies.

Cost: $4 to $5.

7. Add a riser and grab bar for the toilet.

Makes using the bathroom more secure.

Cost: $25 to $40.

8. Install grab bars in bathrooms, along stairs and in bedrooms.

These come in a variety of materials and colors, from white to chrome.

Cost: $10 to $30 depending on length and material.

9. Add a tub bench in the bathtub.

Makes bathing and showering easier.

Cost: $40.

10. Replace round doorknobs with levers and put easy-to-grasp handles on drawers and cabinet doors.

Makes opening doors and drawers easier, especially for those with arthritis.

Cost: $12 to $50 per door handle, $1 to $5 per drawer pull.

Source: The Home Depot