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Need ideas for children’s crafts for the holidays? Check out these books

Want some ideas about children’s crafts for the holidays? These books, available at local libraries and bookstores, can help.

“Crafty Creatures” by Jane Bull. From knitted teddy bears to cat-toy-size mice, this collection has instructions for creating soft toys in a variety of shapes and sizes. The directions are simple enough for crafters of all ages.

“Cool Stuff for Family & Friends” by Pam Scheunemann. These appealing and achievable gift projects are clearly explained for children 6 to 10.

“Paper Artist; Creations Kids Can Fold, Tear, Wear, or Share” by Gail Green. Children will revel in these projects they can create with recycled paper. Kids can follow step-by-step instructions for making “Adorable Accessories,” “Pretty Presents,” “Classy Keepsakes” and “Dazzling Decorations.”

“Everyday Confetti; Your Year-round Guide to Celebrating Holidays and Special Occasions” by Karen Ehman. You’ll find more than 200 ways to make memories with your family, including easy recipes, fun activities, and inexpensive decorating ideas.

“Look-alikes Christmas” by Joan Steiner. Steiner has constructed and photographed nine astonishing Christmas scenes using everyday objects to stand in for the real things. This book includes instructions for making look-alike Christmas decorations yourself.

“Christmas Crafts” by Fay Robinson. Readers age 7 to 10 learn about the origin and customs of Christmas, ideas for celebrating the holiday, and directions for making such crafts as a stained-glass window, jiggling elves, and fuzzy candy canes.

“Make your Own Christmas Ornaments” by Ginger Johnson. Here are instructions for making 25 ornaments, including a beaded dragonfly, a Swedish woven heart basket, and clothespin dolls. For grades 3 to 5.

“Eight Lights for Eight Nights; A Hanukkah Story and Activity Book” by Debbie Herman. Here is a beautifully illustrated book to inspire and educate Jewish children and others about Hanukkah. Includes instructions for fun, innovative crafts for kids 6 to 9.

“Crafts for Hanukkah” by Kathy Ross. Even young children can make these easy projects using materials that are readily available. Colorful step-by-step illustrations accompany each craft.

“Kwanzaa A Family Affair” by Mildred Pitts Walter. Learn the origin and meaning of Kwanzaa, plus suggested activities and instructions for creating gifts. For ages 4 to 7.

“Kwanzaa Seven Days of African-American Pride” by Carol Gnojewski. Presents the history and meaning of Kwanzaa and includes simple, creative ideas for children and adults to help them plan displays and gatherings without spending a lot of money. For ages 8 to 11.