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Tired of chain coffee shops? Try these independent coffee houses in Bellingham

Starbucks has paved the way for coffee drinkers globally. It’s the trendsetter for the cup of joe you enjoy in the morning, afternoon (or all day), and it’s up to you to either follow the trend or break the mold. Bellingham is bursting at the seams with plenty of unique places to get your caffeine fix.

Leave your stars, stamps and punch cards at home. And don’t worry about getting a free 32-ounce, extra hot, quad shot caramel mochaccino with extra whipped cream and sprinkles and bring your own to-go mug (because that’s what we do in Bellingham) and a smile!

Here are two, non-point driven coffee shops that are worth checking out regardless of a free drink after 10 punches.


Houseplants are making a comeback, and at Babygreens you can buy a plant and have a coffee too!

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It’s a plant shop and cafe that uses Anchorhead Coffee from Seattle to make classic espresso beverages.

Coffee is always the star whether you order a mocha or latte, the drinks aren’t too sweet and are packed with flavor. Just like your handmade cup of coffee, they also make their own vanilla syrup and chocolate base for their mochas.

It doesn’t stop there! If you’re not a coffee drinker, try the tea-based matcha latte and or the London fog, and don’t forget to bring your dog!

Caffé Adagio

Adagio is Italian for “slow tempo” and that is exactly the vibe you get while enjoying your cup of coffee with a friend or while studying at Caffé Adagio. And, you guessed it, there are classic Italian espresso drinks made with Café D’arte coffee that sticks with Italian coffee roasting traditions.

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Your coffee order will be written on a piece of paper and passed to the barista, where your drink will then be in the queue to be made. Grab a seat and listen for your name to be called.

Snap a picture of the latte art and tag #caffeadagio! They don’t have Instagram but they do have WiFi and plenty of places to sit.

If you’re studying or staying for a meeting and get hungry, Caffé Adagio make fresh soups, sandwiches and baked goods from scratch every day.

Black Drop Coffeehouse

And, if you like to explore fun flavors, Black Drop Coffeehouse is also a must-try!

If having your name spelled wrong and yelled at you isn’t the way you like to start your morning, let Bellingham’s eclectic coffee shops warm your heart and hands.

Stacey Coates is a pastry chef instructor at Bellingham Technical College. She’s been mastering the craft of all things sweet and buttery since her first Easy Bake Oven and will write weekly about Bellingham’s blossoming food and cocktail scene.