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Quick, stir-fry beef dish gives even leftover rice a burst of flavor

Peppery, hot flavors mix with a sweet and sour sauce in this quick Szechuan stir-fried beef.

Any type of steak can be used for this recipe. Many markets sell beef already cut into stir-fry pieces. This will save you a few minutes in the kitchen. Another time-saver: The rice is stir-fried in the same wok as the beef.

The wok or skillet should be very hot, otherwise the ingredients will steam and not become crisp.

After cooking the beef, don’t rinse the wok; the rice will pick up the beef sauce flavor as it cooks.

Helpful Hints: Microwaveable rice is used. 1 1/2-cups rice is needed. Any remaining rice can be used for another dinner. A small amount of tomato paste is used. Freeze extra for another use.