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Recipe Exchange: Grains and vegetables make comforting East Indian stew kitchari

Juliet Jivanti of Bellingham shares her recipe for kitchari, an East Indian stew. She discovered this dish as she training as a certified practitioner of ayurveda, an ancient Indian health system that encompasses helpful approaches to diet, yoga, medicine, astrology, lifestyle, meditation and breathing techniques.

“Nothing cures winter blues like a cozy bowl of kitchari,” says Jivanti. “It’s packed with vegetables and grains, so it’s a great way to fuel up for winter sports. It’s also incredibly easy to make.”

“The best part is that you can customize this dish with the vegetables or spices you like,” she says. “It’s so versatile. Some people substitute in different grains such as quinoa or millet.”

Lentils are an inexpensive protein source and are simple to prepare as they don’t require soaking.

“Most people eat it for lunch or dinner, but it’s a wonderful, healthy alternative to hot cereal for breakfast,” Jivanti says.

Jivanti founded the ayurvedic Health Center, 203 W. Holly St., No. 201, in 2006, providing ayurvedic consultations, treatments, workshops and herbs. She offers other recipes on her website,

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