Reuse/recycle: Found materials for dress-up

When kids want to dress up, most of us buy dress-up costumes designed for Halloween or themed for kids’ movies. What we forget is that when it comes to dress-up it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money.

Sometimes, the expense is minimal; other times there need be no financial transaction at all. Here are our top ideas for creative, inexpensive dress-up materials:

▪ Cardboard boxes are great resources for dress-up and can easily be decorated and worn. Consider turning a large cardboard box into a SpongeBob costume, a Lego costume, a human-size juice box, or a popcorn container. Cardboard boxes can easily be picked up at many locations, including Cash & Carry in Bellingham and behind Kmart.

▪ If your child aspires to be a mad scientist, a doctor or a dentist for dress-up, head to a Goodwill or thrift store in search of a used white coat, and ask your doctor’s or dentist’s office if they can spare a set of latex globes or a face mask. Recycle an old purse and encourage your child to draw a white circle with a red cross in the middle, and ask your eye doctor for an old pair of glasses to complete the look.

▪ Consider the small businesses you frequent and find out if they have materials they can donate to your dress-up cause. A local fabric or carpet store might have off-cuts, while a hardware store might have end pieces of materials that can easily be recycled into a creative dress-up outfit.