Fun and useful family products you’ll find in Whatcom County


Calendar cuties

Everybody always talks about how fast babies grow, but you don’t really realize it until you have one of your own. These Sticky Bellies removable numbered stickers help you mark every month of your child’s first year, without the hassle of a fancy photo shoot. Just put your child in a plain onesie, pop on the sweet sticker and take a photo for each month. The real trick will be getting your baby to smile and stay still while the camera is rolling. These make great shower gifts!

Sticky Bellies


Bellingham Baby Company

2925 Newmarket St., #103




For babies, books are for so much more than just reading. They’re for chewing, ripping and all kinds of general abuse. For a book that can take it all, try Indestructibles. They have the feel of paper, which babies love, but they’re rip- and chew-proof, and nontoxic, too. They come in a variety of subjects, including the colorful and beautifully illustrated Creep! Crawl!

Indestructibles books


Yeagers Sporting Goods

3101 Northwest Ave.



Whale tales

With warm water to splash and suds galore, bath time is a soothing time for babies. But for parents on their knees outside the tub, it can also be a pain. Take the strain off your knees as you scrub your little one with this cushiony pad made specially for bath time. The whale shape will fit in perfectly with baby’s bath toys, but this will be one that you get to enjoy.

Skip Hop Moby Bath Kneeler


Along Comes a Baby

436 W. Bakerview Road




Snack attack

Make play dates highly palatable with a bright, bold set to hold your toddler’s snacks. These Munch Mates sets come with a cup and a container with a lid that doubles as a plate, so snacking can happen whenever and wherever the mood strikes.

Modern Twist Munch Mates



1227 Cornwall Ave.



Clean slate

There’s something about a blank page that lets the imagination run wild. These create-a-face and create-a-person books give kids just a little guidance, with blank faces and bodies in several skin tones that kids can fill in as they please. An astronaut with an eye patch? Sure! A robot ballerina? Why not? The sky is the limit with the characters they can create.

Melissa & Doug Create-a-Face or Create-a-Person books


Village Books

1200 11th St.



Quick bites

Dinner around the table is a wonderful thing to strive for, but let’s face it, sometimes lunches on a park bench happen, too. When they do, it’s nice to be prepared with special utensils for meals on the go. These handy spoon and fork sets have sweetly decorated handles (choose from cupcakes, hedgehogs, sea creatures and cars), and a smart carrying case to keep them clean — or keep everything else clean when they’re dirty.

Sugarbooger by O.R.E. silverware sets


Wild Blueberries

1106 Harris Ave.




Light construction

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education is all the talk these days, and these Laser Pegs kits are a great way to get your kids learning early. The blocks light up as you put them together, giving kids 5 and up a fun way to learn about the science of light and building as they play. Sets range in complexity from more basic cars to dinosaur kits with pieces that can be interchanged to create everything from a T-Rex to a stegosaurus.

Laser Pegs


Paper Dreams

1206 11th St.



Stomping grounds

Spring in the Northwest (and let’s face it, just about every other time but August) is prime time for puddles and mud. But soggy ground doesn’t have to keep your kiddo indoors. These Kamik Stomp boots will keep your child’s feet warm and dry through puddly sidewalks and damp fields. The boots come in sizes from toddler through youth size 5, in navy and plum. While the design is basic, these Canada-made boots are built to last through the seasons without cracking or leaking.

Kamik Stomp boots


Kids Northwest

1319 Cornwall Ave.



Easy breezy

Spring in the Northwest can be beautiful and treacherous. For every sunny day, there’s a stormy one, but that mercurial weather is perfect for kite flying. These parafoil easy kites don’t require assembly, so when the breeze picks up, your kids can run free with their kite flying behind them, like their own personal rainbow.

Parafoil easy rainbow kite


Fairhaven Toy Garden

1147 11th St.