Artistic talent comes naturally to Makyla Uson

Makyla Uson may not describe art as her main passion, but she seems to be pretty good at it.

“Honestly it’s not something that she’s really passionate about,” said her mom, Juanita Kennedy. “She just picked it up and realized ‘wow, I’m pretty good.’ So she just keeps doing it.”

Teachers and classmates of the Roosevelt Elementary School fifth-grader are all impressed with Uson’s artistic talent, Kennedy said. Uson’s teachers even comment on the doodles she makes on the side of assignments she turns in.

Uson started drawing in kindergarten, and ever since has always drawn in her free time. She will sometimes pause the TV and copy what’s on the screen. The drawings are so accurate that people sometimes think she somehow traced the picture, Kennedy said.

“People kept telling me I was really good, and so I thought I was good at this so I’ve just started doing it,” Uson said.

Uson said she doesn’t plan what she draws. It just depends on what comes to mind. Most of her drawings are of young girls.

“She can just look at something and mimic it,” Kennedy said. “It’s so crazy how natural it comes to her.”

Uson’s friends are artistic too. They all draw together and support one another, she said.

Kennedy said what’s special about her daughter is her attention to detail. When she turns in art assignments, she is usually the last person to turn her work in. Not that she couldn’t finish early, she just spends extra time to make sure it’s perfect. If the shading isn’t right, she throws the whole drawing out and starts over.

Uson also likes to roller blade, ice skate and read (only certain books). Her mom recently bought her a guitar, thinking her drawing ability can translate to other arts.

For now, her mom can enjoy the drawings her daughter gives her.

“She’ll draw things and then add little quotes to them,” Kennedy said. “They’re so original and so above her age, I just, I don’t know, she’s amazing.”