Welcome to BellinghamFamilies.com


Welcome to BellinghamFamilies.com, a resource for Whatcom families with children age 12 and younger.

What's fun to do? What resources are available for families? Where can you connect with other parents for advice and community?

The Bellingham Herald is using its decades of news experience to provide information just for parents. We've partnered with bloggers and local experts to provide you with this website that provides a special gathering place for parents. We hope you will join us frequently at BellinghamFamilies.com.

The first Bellingham Families magazine was mailed to 10,000 families with young children in Whatcom County and should be in mailboxes Sept. 24, 2012. To give readers an idea about the kinds of "things to do" BellinghamFamilies.com will provide, we included in this magazine some of the "don't miss" family events in Whatcom County fall and winter seasons and some of our favorite hikes and educational day-trips your family will enjoy from our weekly "Out With Kids" column. You can find additional copies of the magazine free at area businesses. If you would like to be added to our mailing list for future magazines, email marketing@bellinghamherald.com.


You will find wonderful bloggers at BellinghamFamilies.com who will share their expert advice and help connect you to other resources.

Art teachers Ellen Clark and Gabriel Miles, who work with Allied Arts, will team up to help you share the arts with your kids. They'll be looking at projects you can do at home to supplement schoolwork, and will suggest community activities.

Byron Manering, executive director at Brigid Collins Family Support Center, will share information on health and well-being, from immunizations to childhood obesity to working with medical professionals.

Darcy Donegan from Whatcom Community College will discuss parenting of newborns and children up to age 4. Roxann "Rock" Rose-Duckworth from WWU and WWC will blog about parenting kids 5 to 12.

Whatcom Food Network committee member Marnie Jones will write about food, nutrition and cooking, and Stephanie Dethlefs from WWU will share information on schools and learning with topics such as homework and tutors.

Rory the Reading Lion, assisted by a group of Whatcom County librarians, will share information on media for kids, including books, computer games and movies.

And Nancy Stiles Nelson from Western Washington University will focus on the parenting life in her "Been There" posts.


BellinghamFamilies.com will also feature:

Listings and stories about events, classes and things to do in Whatcom County from our extensive online calendar;

A resource database of family-friendly places, organizations and businesses in Whatcom County;

Photo galleries from community events;

Reviews of children- and family-friendly books, movies and games;

News of interest to families from The Bellingham Herald, from school, park and library news to product recalls.


The most important contributors to BellinghamFamilies.com will be you. We invite you to share the joys and trials of parenthood, to share your expertise and to support each other.

There are lots of ways to participate. You can click a link and add your favorite places and organizations, or your business, to our resource database. We've already invited local nonprofit organizations and businesses to share what they offer for families. If you have a business or belong to a group that serves families, we'd love to hear from you, too.

We'd love to have your photos and children's artwork to share with the community.

And we welcome your comments on the blog, on stories and on our Facebook page.

You can sign up for a weekly newsletter that will link you to the best of the site. If you sign up for the newsletter by Nov. 30, you'll be entered to win a $200 gift certificate to Launching Success Learning Store.

You can also see BellinghamFamilies news and information in the BellinghamFamilies section of the Bellingham Herald's mobile sites. If you have our app, you will need to reboot the app to see the section. Go to "more" at the bottom of the app's home screen, select "settings" and "reset" and "reset all settings and cache" to see the new section.

We hope you will "like" us on Facebook.com/BellinghamFamilies and follow us on Twitter at BhamFamilies, or search for #BhamFam.

Whatcom County is a special place to raise a family and we plan to help you make the most of it.

I welcome your comments below and at Julie.Shirley@BellinghamHerald.com.