Mom like me

Mothers give their children so much. They give them life, shelter, food and not least of all love.

For these mother-daughter teams, mom handed down something more visible as well: a rich chocolate hair hue, a megawatt smile or a sparkle in the eye. If you listen just right, you can hear a little bit of mom when these daughters speak — and probably a lot when they laugh.

In honor of Mother's Day, these families are celebrating the great ways these moms and daughters are alike, whether it's careers in flight or a fear of spiders.

Lisa and Raven McShane

Mother: Lisa McShane, 47, Bellingham

Daughter: Raven McShane, 24, Seattle

How they are alike: "First, we look a lot alike," Raven McShane writes. "When people see us they are always shocked at how much I resemble my mother. Then we laugh. And since we laugh in stereo and at all the same things, it makes me seem like her clone. I don't help the situation by trying to slip away with her shoes and clothes on a regular basis. Every once in awhile I get called little Lisa."

Raven joined the Peace Corps and is leaving for Kenya a week after Mother's Day, so she's making the time with her mom count. "It'll be a special Mother's Day, slightly unconventional," she says. "I know moms aren't supposed to cook, but it'll be the last time I get to eat her cooking for two years. I'm hoping for steak and definitely chocolate chip cookies."

Kathy and Ashley Bergner

Mother: Kathy Bergner, 45, Bellingham

Daughter: Ashley Bergner, 22, Bellingham

How they are alike: "Not only do my mother and I look alike, but we act and speak alike," Ashley Bergner writes. "If you didn't know us you would think we are sisters. She is young, hip and beautiful, just like me. People are surprised to know she has three daughters all over 18. She is my best friend and the biggest role model a young woman could have. She has taught me so many things and has showed me how to be a thoughtful, loving and caring individual. She always strives for the best and never forgets to say 'I love you' at the end of the day. Every day I hope to be like my mom. If I can, I know I have achieved perfection."

Salena VanderVeen and Miranda Park

Mother: Salena VanderVeen, 33

Daughter: Miranda Park, 15, both of Lynden

How they are alike: “I wouldn’t say people ask my daughter and me who is who, unless you are looking at us from behind, but we are asked if we are sisters,” mom Selena writes. “Not only do we look alike, but we sound alike and have the same attitude (good or bad, you be the judge). We pretty much have the same taste in clothes, so we are very good shopping partners. Not only are we mom and daughter, we are also friends.”

Donna Macomber, Kris Jenkins and Sandra Jenkins

Grandmother: Donna Macomber, 68, Bellingham

Mother: Kris Jenkins, 48, Bellingham

Daughter: Sandra Jenkins, 24, Lacey

How they are alike: "When we are together we are always laughing, seeing who can talk the fastest and loudest," writes Donna Macomber. "We enjoy being together and miss my mother, Erma Burden, who we all look like. We just wish we could spend more time together. There is never enough time."

Barbara Cory and Jennifer Bonstein

Mother: Barbara Cory, 59, Bellingham

Daughter: Jennifer Bonstein, 34, Bellingham

How they are alike: "My mother and I have been told we look alike, though neither of us thinks so. I have, however inherited my mother's famous "evil-eye" and her 'I-told-you-so' gene," writes daughter Jennifer. "But as I celebrate my first Mother's Day with my own daughter, I've discovered I'm so much more like my mother and in all the best ways possible. She's given me the ability to be patient, loving and nurturing and I thank her for giving me those traits. And I can't wait to pass those traits on to my own daughter — even if she does get our 'evil eye,' too."

Janet and Joanna Francis

Mother: Janet Francis, 62, Bellingham

Daughter: Joanna Francis, 26, Boston

How they are alike: Janet Francis says that mother and daughter share a love of the friendly skies. Joanna is a co-pilot with American Eagle Airlines flying jets out of Boston. Janet was a flight attendant in charge of money at Pan American World Airways 'way back in the day.' "Other than an obvious love of travel and experiencing different cultures, we share a whimsical sense of humor," Janet writes. "We both love animals, especially rabbits."

Sharon, Jennifer and Rachel Hower

Mother: Sharon Hower, Bellingham

Daughter: Jennifer, 19, and Rachel, 11

How they are alike: "We have been told many times over the years that we share a strong family resemblance and have many of the same mannerisms," mom Sharon writes. "We have a similar laugh, sense of humor, independent spirit, caring and loving in heart. We all scream when we see spiders, love chocolate, tea parties and a good book."

Kelli and Lindi Hagin

Mother: Kelli Hagin, 39

Daughter: Lindi Hagin, 19, both of Ferndale

How they are alike: "What makes a hot, sassy mom and her daughter so much alike?" Lindi Hagin writes. "Simply everything, from her laugh to her smile, her eyes to her toes, from her heart to her style. I couldn't ask for a better person to be any more alike. I only aspire to be as beautiful inside and out as you are. We will be twins forever."

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