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John and Norma Davies

John and Norma (née Rogers) were married November 28, 1961 in White Rock, BC, in the church where they first met.Shortly after their marriage they moved to Brooks, Oregon, where they purchased a farm and began raising boysenberries and babies. Their first daughter, Ruth (Yates), was born a few years later, followed within two years by Susan (Kester).John and Norma moved north to Ferndale, Washington: a third daughter, Karyn (Crosbie) and a son, Philip, soon joined the family.The whole family has always been very active in their churches, and Norma has worked for many years with the Child Evangelism Fellowship.Until recently, John and Norma operated a very popular blueberry farm: today they maintain a peach orchard and enjoy their six grandchildren, Renee, Rachel, Drew, Jack, Laura, and Rosie.