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Lorie Plunkett

Lorie Plunkett was born 85 years ago in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up New York City in the days when Mayor La Guardia read the comics on the radio and she skipped a day in high school to see young Frank Sinatra at the RKO Theatre. Lorie was a model in the 50's and was the "girl in a hammock" for Pepsi. She raised two children, Kevin and Laurie, while continuing in the fashion industry as ad agency art director in Detroit and later as department store fashion coordinator in San Francisco. She also lived more than 20 years in Edina, Minnesota before moving to Bellingham to be near family. She has 3 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Her son, Kevin Waltz, and daughter-in-law, Michelle Snow Waltz, will host a celebration of her birthday at their home on November 9.