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L'lisha Cutsforth and James Pullman

L'lisha Cutsforth, Daughter of Rob & Marnie Cutsforth, and James Pullman, Son of Jim & Ellie Pullman, announce their engagement that took place on May 17, 2008 and their plans to wed on January 17, 2009. James is a graduate of Ferndale High and is currently a Real Estate Agent & Property Manager while attending Whatcom Community College and will transfer to Washington State University next year. L'lisha is also a graduate of Ferndale High and is currently working in a corporate cafe in Bellingham. Both attendees of Cornwall Church, James & L'lisha have been "together" since 8th grade in 2002. After finding out they liked each other, they later found out that it was her family's rule that L'lisha had to wait till she was 16 to date. James and L'lisha decided to wait for each other until her 16th birthday in 2005 when James threw her a surprise birthday party and asked her to be his "official"* girlfriend.With full support from both their parents, the proposal took place live in front of nearly 4,000 people in Pullman, WA at the State FFA Convention when James delivered his retiring address after serving as the FFA State President.