Announcements & Celebrations

Ted & Barbara Kehl

Ted & Barbara Kehl will celebrate 50 years of marriage on November 1, 2008 with a reception at the Elks Lodge from 1-3 pm, 710 Samish Way, Bellingham WA 98226.

They were married in the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Everson in 1958. Ted worked "all his life" at Automotive Parts on State Street retiring in 1999. He enjoys being an active member of the Elks. Barb has been a Tupperware lady since the beginning of time and though she has worked other jobs, remains involved in Tupperware to this day.

Though they have traveled near and far (more near, less far), during their fifty year marriage they have never lived anywhere but Bellingham and have no intention of changing their minds now.

Their children are Gary Kehl & Cathie Fowler of Seattle, Debra & Rob Brooks of Seattle, Jim Kehl and Lyle Sinkewich of Los Angeles and Scott Frostad of Seattle. They have 3 grandchildren, Madeleine, Alexandra and Sam.

Asked what he attributes to the success of their marriage, son Jim said, "As my father's hearing has diminished he is no longer annoyed with my mother's constant talking and she thinks he is being a good listener."