Announcements & Celebrations

Chuck and Lucy Willett

Chuck and Lucy Willett former owners of Chuck & Lucy’s Fresh Fruit and Produce, will have a celebration of 50 years of love and marriage given by their children Gordon and Tami, David and Brenda (Willett) Jaime, Richard and fiance Jennifer Jenkins, Ryan and Sarah, and George Humphreys along with grandchildren, family and friends, hosted at son Gordy and wife Tami’s residence at 1 PM on April 6th 2008. For directions please call (360) 647-9095.

Their romance began at a dance at the Delta Grange with country western singer Loretta Lynn as headliner. Chuck, while up from Seattle for the weekend, attended the dance with lifelong friend Howard Johnstone. Chuck found himself taken by Lucy Finkbonner, a pretty, quiet and shy girl who was also attending with her cousins, Frank “Tink” Finkbonner and Darlene (Finkbonner) Lane. Chuck and Lucy shared many dances and light conversation that night and it seemed to be an agreeably interesting evening for both.

In later weeks and months to come, Chuck would correspond with letters of interest and endearments titled to “Elsie Finkbottom.” Despite the name differentials, their affections grew and a love was found. They were married in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on April 1st 1958. Through the years their love and commitment to one another has proven deep and true. The love and dedication to one another, their family and friends is for us all to learn from and live by.