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Blog format update

We've recently moved our blogs to a new platform and continue to develop features there.

Bringing our blogs into the main site's publishing system allows us to speed publication of news by posting to just one system. And, blogs now integrate into our mobile sites and apps, allowing readers to see the posts without clicking through to a browser.

We are also able to improve archiving and search functions in our main publishing system.

Comments are now handled in the same system as stories. If you find a comment objectionable, click the "report abuse" link and the comment will move to moderation. In addition, as with blogs in the past, authors will be more active in moderating comments.

If you've bookmarked a favorite blog, you will have to update the link as the URLs have changed. And, if you've not visited any of our blogs before, I hope you'll take a look. Here are links to our most popular blogs:

Politics, by John Stark and Ralph Schwartz;

Dispatcher, by Caleb Hutton and others; and

Business, by Dave Gallagher.

Please send your suggestions about blog technology improvements to Online Editor Jim Donaldson at