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Public invited to see arena on Friday

The Democratic National Convention Committee invites the public to attend an unveiling of the podium and stage at Time Warner Cable Arena on Friday.

The stage will be used during the first two days of the convention – Tuesday and Wednesday.

The event starts at 9 a.m., and those who want to attend can apply online at Lindsay Ruebens

Crime plunges in Tampa during RNC

By the third day of the Republican National Convention, a grand total of three protesters had been arrested, only one during an actual demonstration.

“The City of Tampa is the safest place to be right now in the entire United States,” said Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy.

With as many as 4,000 law enforcement officers patrolling the city, McElroy said it’s no wonder. Typically, only about half of Tampa police’s 500-officer force patrols on any given day. But this week it was all hands on deck. And then some. Tampa Bay Times

‘Daily Show’ announces DNC lineup

“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Wednesday released its lineup of guests for next week’s shows airing from the DNC.

The sold-out shows will be broadcast from the ImaginOn children’s theater and library Tuesday through Friday. Tickets are no longer available – 450 tickets for each show were snatched up last April – but Comedy Central officials say there will be a stand-by line prior to next week’s shows, although people who stand in the line are not guaranteed admittance. The guests will be:

Tuesday: broadcast journalist Tom Brokaw.

Wednesday: U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.

Thursday: economist Austan Goolsbee.

Friday: no guest. Cristina Bolling