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Pot dealer in Washington State offered 'bulk discounts' on his business cards

A drug dealer who kept business cards offering "bulk discounts" and home delivery will serve a year in prison for selling marijuana and having two other drugs without a prescription.

Marc David Wesley, 43, of the Kendall area, was sitting alone in a black sedan outside of a furniture barn on Guide Meridian on July 2, 2011, when a sheriff's deputy approached him, according to court records. The deputy could smell marijuana. Wesley consented to a voluntary search.

Inside, the deputy found a pound of fresh marijuana, packaged in freezer bags and labeled with "name brands," wrote Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey D. Sawyer. Wesley had used ledgers to keep track of how much the different strains of marijuana were worth. Business cards with Wesley's name touted bulk discounts for medical marijuana delivery.

More than 50 hydrocodone pills and three clonazepam pills were found in the car and in Wesley's shirt pocket. He didn't have a prescription for either drug. Wesley also had $960 in cash on him, and said he'd "earned" $450 that day by selling marijuana in King and Whatcom countiesIn court documents, Wesley's defense attorney Thomas Dunn argued his client had a legitimate medical marijuana license. A patient prescribed with medical marijuana in Washington state can have up to 1 1/2 pounds of the plant. According to Dunn, Wesley's license was confiscated and he was unlawfully detained.

But the case never reached trial. In a plea deal brokered this month, prosecutors dismissed a bail jumping charge and Wesley accepted a recommended sentence of a year and a day in prison.

Wesley was sentenced by a judge last week for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, possession of hydrocodone and possession of clonazepam.