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Commentary: Hopefully, Reille Hunter has said her last word on Edwards affair

On Tuesday, Rielle Hunter announced that she and John Edwards were no longer a couple. This determination apparently came after publication of her book, which chewed over intimate details of their relationship.

When asked about the breakup, Hunter replied, “I think that’s private.” Her answer came during a TV interview to plug the 247-page book, titled “What Really Happened,” which is all about their romance.

She did say that “media scrutiny” had been difficult for the couple. She made this admission during a publicity blitz for the book that included appearances on ABC’s “20/20,” “Good Morning America,” “The View” and “Nightline.”

So many problems in Hunter’s life have been caused by the press. First, there were those pesky reporters from the National Enquirer eager to chat with her about getting pregnant by a presidential candidate.

Then there was the time she posed for GQ magazine wearing a beautiful blouse. That was it – no pants.

She later said the published photos were a shock because she thought they were only going to photograph her from the waist up.

She reiterated the point in her book. She says when Edwards was going to his arraignment on federal campaign spending charges, she forgot to tell him how to pose.

“Had I even thought for a second that he would be having a mug shot taken, I would have said, ‘And don’t forget, no matter what they say to you, the media will get a hold of your mug shot, so don’t smile in it, because they don’t know yet that you aren’t guilty.’ The same way he should have said to me, given the interview was in GQ, ‘No matter what they say to you, how covered you actually are, make sure you wear pants.’”

Anyway, that’s good advice. Nowadays, I always wear trousers to photo shoots with GQ, and you should, too.

This isn’t the first time Hunter and Edwards have arrived at Splitsville. In her book, she says he called once and told her it was over.

She told him it wasn’t. She told him he had obviously gone temporarily insane and she had no intention of letting him go until he regained his senses. “If then you want to end our relationship, I will be fine with that, but right now, I am not allowing this to end,” she says she told Edwards.

Apparently, he’s now come to his senses, at least to her satisfaction. Whatever their situation, I suspect the final chapter has not been written.

But if Hunter now wants her privacy, she can have it. I think it’s reached the point where we don’t care anymore.