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McClatchy launches on Google Currents

McClatchy's distinctive, award-winning journalism is now available from the comfort of your iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone. The new app is available on Google Currents.

McClatchy journalists are everywhere – the conflict zones in Syria and Afghanistan, the campaign trail with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the halls of the House and Senate, the inner corridors of the White House and Pentagon, the wilds of Alaska and the beaches of Miami – and now you can join them as they explore and explain our world.

The new app will showcase the best McClatchy journalism each day. In addition to stories from our Pulitzer Prize-winning papers such as the Sacramento Bee and Miami Herald, the app will bring readers the work of the Washington Bureau and blogs such as Planet Washington and Suits & Sentence; overseas coverage from China, Mexico, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East; and the best videos, photos, and multimedia coverage from McClatchy journalists.

McClatchy is powered by the 1,800 journalists from 30 newspapers in 15 states, the McClatchy Washington Bureau, and 11 overseas reporters. Our new app is powered by Google Currents. Download your free trial today.