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Obama immigration policy a hit among Latino voters in key states

President Barack Obama's Friday directive to stop deportations of certain young undocumented immigrants is a hit in the Latino community, a new poll has found.

A survey in five swing states by by Latino Decisions and America's Voice found Latino voters very enthusiastic about the policy--a contrast to previous attitudes about the president.

“Prior to June 14, 2012, many immigration reform advocates had stated that the record high levels of deportations of immigrants under the Obama administration was causing some Latinos to grow weary about the Obama re-election campaign," according to a poll analysis.

A poll earlier this year found 53 percent of Latino voters less enthusiastic about the president in 2012 than three years ago, while 30 percent were more excited.

"The announcement on June 14 appears to have clearly erased Obama’s enthusiasm deficit among Latinos," the poll analsysis found.

This time, 49 percent of Latino voters said the new policy would make them more enthusiastic about Obama, compared to 14 percent who were less enthusiastic.

The survey also tried to gauge enthusiasm for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who said Friday the Obama policy should be part of a longer-term plan considered by Congress.

Latino voters in the five swing states were not enthusiastic--20 percent said Romney's statements about immigration policy made them more enthusiastic,but 59 percent said the statements made them less enthusiastic.

The poll surveyed 775 Latino registered from June 12 to 16. in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Virginia. Overall margin of error is 3.5 percentage points.